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Rogue Energy was founded in January 2017 by two best friends on a mission.  Manufactured in the United States in state-of-the-art, FDA-certified facilities, Rogue Energy is an elite, sugar-free, cognitive performance beverage.

Use Rogue Energy to achieve your maximum potential in gaming, school, work, and fitness.

Rogue Energy is the ultimate, undisputed, focus & energy drink.  We have more grams of active focus & energy ingredients in our product than any competitor on the market, making Rogue Energy the most effective supplement you can take for optimizing YOU.

Our Vision

We strive to offer the ultimate energy & focus drink for those pursuing excellence.  We work tirelessly to produce the best cognitive performance beverage on the market.


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The packing facility that hosts all JerkyPro products is located in Rexburg, ID and was founded in 1987. The original operating facility consisted of 2500 square feet with 4 employees and was ran by a dedicated husband and wife team. The first year in operation they processed approximately 540 beef, 540 hogs and 190 deer. The business continued to grow with additions in 1991 and 2001.

A second USDA-licensed facility next door to the original packing facility and was devoted exclusively to beef jerky production. The facility was 4000 square feet and included a cooler, freezer, processing room, packaging room and smoke house. 

The latest addition came in 2012 with 8000 more square feet and included a freezer, cooler, 2 packaging rooms, warehouse, loading dock, the retail room and a full deli and sandwich shop. 

Today their facility has 20,000 square feet of operating space and employees 27 people. They process approximately 1077 beef, 1171 hogs, 29 sheep and 963 deer per year. In addition, they process and package 1200 lbs. of Jerky, 4000 lbs. of snack sticks, 2000 lbs. of bacon and 2500-3000 lbs. of pork products per week. 

We have gained a notable reputation for our award winning products, clean facility, and consistent-quality processing. 

JerkyPro was officially established late 2015 by military/paramilitary veterans who pride themselves in the structuring of the business. We do not promote or prefer one target audience over another. We are actively engaged in xGames, eSports, MMA, competitive motorsports, and military efforts. Bottom line we cater to anyone and everyone that loves JERKY! 

In early 2016 JerkyPro, LLC became offical in the state of Ohio. We are actively in talks with undisclosed retailers and vendors in order to expand the JerkyPro brand across the U.S. Keep up to date as we are excited to make some big announcements soon!


Our mission: To provide the Ultimate Gaming Experience through next-level quality, comfort, and design.


QUALITY – We back our products with the best warranty in our class, Lifetime Warranty on the internal steel frame and a 2 Year Warranty on parts and upholstery.


COMFORT:  No two persons are the same.  That’s why Each Techni Sport Chair seat and back includes soft molded foam and comes equipped with adjustable lumbar + neck support pillows, swivel + height adjustable arm rests, and reclining feature to guarantee the most comfortable position appropriate to your unique body composition.


DESIGN: Techni Sport is designed and constructed specifically for performance. Our ergonomic “race car” design cuts down on distractions caused by discomfort and allows for the uninterrupted focus necessary for peak performanc

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Humble Bundle is a distribution platform selling games, ebooks, software, and other digital content. Since Humble's founding in 2010, our mission has been to support charity ("Humble") while providing awesome content to customers at great prices ("Bundle"). We started by offering only game bundles, but have branched out to include an online storefront, a monthly subscription service, a publishing initiative, and lots more.


My gaming career is a social gaming network. Our main goal is to connect you with others gamers to help you with your gaming career.











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